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At the intersection of race, creed and culture, is community

MixPeeps is a mixed race community created by and for people who are multi-racial, multi-ethnic, trans-racially adopted, or otherwise impacted by mixed race. Our community represents an organic resource that grows and thrives with the contributions of our members. It is and always will be, 100% FREE to join.

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What you’ll find inside MixPeeps

item-image Personal Profiles

  • Personalize your profile with a custom avatar image and cover photo
  • Add a few words about yourself and your mixed race heritage
  • Link to your personal blog or other social media accounts
  • Control your privacy with post and personal data visibility options
  • Post updates and share with the entire community or just your friends

item-image Member Blogs

  • Any member can create blog posts for publication
  • Share your thoughts and experiences and interact with others
  • Current issues, opinion pieces, advocacy, whatever you’re into
  • Discuss with other multi-ethnic writers who share common interests

item-image Community Participation

  • See and share activities of other members, comment and chat
  • Share what’s happening in your life and your interests via status updates
  • Upload and share photos, videos, articles, animations and more
  • Create and respond to polls, articles, group and blog posts from friends

item-image Public and Private Groups

  • Create or join groups and bring together peeps with common interests
  • Discover people that share your ethnicity, from your country or region
  • Multi-ethnic specific groups or any topic you like
  • Share experiences, stories and more with members of each group

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MixPeeps different from other social platforms?

MixPeeps is unique in that it’s the first-ever, comprehensive, online community of its type; wholly devoted to and specifically focused on information, education and connecting the mixed race community.

Our primary mission is to empower mixed heritage people and bring them together in a common and easy manner. If you’re here, you probably recognize that despite ongoing improvements, mixed race individuals remain largely invisible in school curriculums, on health forms, and in corporate diversity programs, while racial profiling and other challenges continue to appear on the news daily.

MixPeeps, through our community, intends to provide resources for families, educators, health care professionals, sports professionals, and political leaders to better meet the needs of this constantly expanding community. Through this medium we are addressing and informing on the very complex issues impacting multiracial people and communities everyday.

Community focus is just the beginning of what makes MixPeeps different though. Profiles on MixPeeps feature heritage information, self-identification and racial mix data that bring together like-minded folks, directly supporting our primary mission of connection and empowerment. Our members all share a common bond of mixed ethnicity of some kind, and our name, MixPeeps, is exactly who we are; mixed people coming together. Join us today!

Is MixPeeps really free?

Yes! There is no charge to join the MixPeeps Community and become a member.

Our goal is to empower and support mixed heritage people and for the community to be large and vibrant so that everyone may benefit from the discussions, ideas and experiences of others.

We also provide corporate memberships for businesses who want to utilize our services for associates and employees who are of mixed race or heritage. Membership for these members is also always free.

What can I share on MixPeeps?

Anything! There are many ways to share on MixPeeps. You can add links to your personal blog, YouTube channel, or other social accounts right on your profile.

You can also share anything of interest on your wall and in groups that you create or join for all your friends to enjoy.

Finally, you can post anything as a status update publicly. Videos, photos, animations, links to external sites, blogs, etc. All are fair game and topics can cover anything.

We also feature a blogging capability where you can submit writings or a video that all members can access.

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