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    Mentor Up

    This group is for people who would like to serve as a mentor and for those looking for a mentor.
    led by Simone Sloan

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    Middle Eastern

    Discuss middle eastern racial backgrounds
    led by Marie Smith

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    Wine Connoisseur

    A Group for Wine & Spirit Lovers that enjoy Food and Travel.
    Lets discuss tasting various wine of the world and it doesn't matter if you are an novice or an knowledgeable Connoisseur. We offer a platform to share experiences and to purchase products.
    led by Dennis Bulluck

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    Turning dead stock back to life.

    What is dead stock?
    The dictionary describes it as merchandise that did not sell and which is often stored in a warehouse. But dead stock is so much more. Sometimes it can contain little treasures like limited editions,...  more
    led by Frederic Mouillet

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    Music Production

    Talk about or ask about Music Production or experience

  • 188

    The Art world and Patricia Field Art fashion

    I am a painter and an contemporary artist, anyone that would like to add artwork and advertise their artwork this would be the place to show off your talents! I work for Patricia field and she has art fashion out and its very exciting... let’s have some fun...
    led by NAFSHI Inc.

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    Chef Sandi Vegan Cuisine

    Educating and teaching how to prepare simple and "Tasty" , "Flavorful" Vegan Meals
    led by Vegan Chef Sandi Morais